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We deliver innovative software that helps enterprises solve problems fast and transform for tomorrow.

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What is Pega?

Pega software helps enterprises make better decisions and get work done. Thanks to Pega's scalable architecture and low-code platform, even the biggest organizations can stay streamlined, agile, and ready for what's next.

Feeling the need for speed and scalability? You can have both if you take a Center-out™ approach to structuring your technology – and avoid some common mistakes.

Why Pega with Saudi AZM?

  • Pega Saudi AZM team is founded in Riyadh to manage and support excellent Pega projects with Saudi Clients and the Pega ecosystem
  • We will act as a trusted advisor together with you to improve the quality and adoption of Pega by active governance on the “Client side of the table”
  • Strong Partnership with Pega
  • We have partnerships with local and global partners bringing the experts you need
  • We are ready for a Changing Environment – our global workforce is equipped with fully deployed digital solutions that reduce disruptions to the Client

Saudi AZM differentiates by:

Pega Tailored Training

We will tailor Pega training to your current team needs.

Pega Workforce Development

Outsource the recruiting process, training and coaching to Saudi AZM who has a world-class Workforce Development Program and rest easy.


We will be your “Navigator in Pega DX Projects”


Saudi AZM is partnering with Aaseya and Capgemini for Pega full scale implementation


Saudi AZM is trusted by Pega reseller in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Pega Program Management

We will help you in managing the Pega program

Pega Support

We provide 1st line support for Pega

Design Reviews

Receive an unbiased assessment of Pega applications (Design & Performance)

Managed CEO

Your Development, Operations and Enablement of Pega DX Projects will be taken care by the most experience consultants

Key Offering

Pega Support

  • 1st line support for your Pega implementation.
  • We analyse the issue, report back to Pega and escalete on your behalf.
  • Your Pega Product issues will be resolved much faster!

Workforce Development

  • We hire local resources.
  • We train them extensively to become Pega developers.
  • We provide coaching to your new resources.
  • After some period of time we can transfer them to your payroll.

Managed COE & Governance

  • We will manage your Centre of Excellence.
  • We will implement the use of Pega Best Practices.
  • Provide a Design Authority Service.
  • Provide Operations support so that your system is scalable and upgradable.
  • Provide enablement and coaching sessions for your resources.
  • ... and many more!

Pega Resell

  • Developing and operating fintech applications and platforms
  • Managing fintech projects and providing the required expertise
  • Fintech consultancy services
  • Fintech research and development services

Company location


Office No. 601, Building No. 2163, Oroba St., Maathar shamali, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Office +966112884141



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